Hello and welcome to my kitchen! My name is Avery. I am a homeschooling high-schooler, baker, blogger, amateur photographer and dancer, living in-between the mountains and the sea. When I’m not baking or dancing at the studio, I’m hanging out (or taste-testing!) with my parents and three younger siblings.

From a young age, I have been interested in the art of baking. Years ago, when I was maybe eight or nine years old, I would get out a bunch of different ingredients and attempt to make cakes. Although I used plenty of sugar, along with flour and, my favorite ingredient as a child, blue food coloring, I must have forgotten a few crucial ingredients….(I’m looking at you, baking powder!) My “loaf cakes” ended up being flat, with a strange, gummy texture; definitely not appetizing!

However, before you are scared away, don’t worry! I’ve grown up quite a bit since then, especially after spending countless hours in the kitchen testing a variety of recipes. You can be confident that every recipe published on Avery’s Kitchen Dance has been repeatedly tested to ensure that you are well equipped to serve quality recipes to your friends and family. Unlike my childhood baking fails, my current recipes have both delicious texture and flavor!

My Goal

Here at Avery’s Kitchen Dance, my goal is to provide you with recipes that you can trust. Each recipe post will include photos, step-by-step tutorials and printable recipes, along with suggestions for ingredient substitutions, including options for food allergies. I aim for the majority of my baking creations to be nutritious, however, I also believe that indulging your sweet tooth once in awhile is classified as healthy too! Balanced eating is important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and mentality. So, whether you crave a whole-wheat muffin or a buttery chocolate chip cookie, you will find recipes here that will meet all of your food needs.

Why Kitchen Dance?

Although I love actually dancing in the kitchen to some great music, I also believe that the process of baking is like a dance. Each ingredient, measurement and step plays an essential role in the process. And, as practice is poured into the art of baking, your results become cleaner and more refined. You will feel more confident every time you practice, just like when you repeatedly rehearse a dance.

Every step taken in a recipe is crucial to creating a polished product, which is why I want to teach you how to dance in the kitchen with grace and ease. I hope to grow an online community that bakes, not just for the end results, but for the process. Because the process is where the dance, the magic truly happens.

Enjoy creating your very own “Kitchen Dance”!

Have questions? Comments? Send me a message on my Contact Page and I will get back to you as soon as possible!